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Oregon Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are essential to Oregon’s strong agricultural contributions of apples, potatoes, hops, and nuts. The durable, well-insulated structures protect crops from severe temperatures or parasites, like pesky Powerpost beetles. As one of the world’s top wine making regions, Oregon steel buildings also makes sufficient space for wineries and local package stores. In addition, dealers can construct metal pole barns for their herds of cattle and sheep and dairy manufacturing.

Oregon has made considerable contributions to the high-tech sector, particularly in “silicon forest” located in the metropolitan Portland area. Intel, one of the world’s premier computer chip manufacturers, is headquartered there. It’s also becoming a strong area for start-up businesses where steel buildings can be erected quickly and affordably for new businesses to hit the ground running.

From Eugene to Hillsboro, the Oregon climate is generally mild with the harshest weather coming from frequent precipitation. Some areas in the west can receive as much as 200 inches of rain per year from November to March. Steel construction can handle the constant pounding since the building materials are water resistant. More severe weather is found in the mountainous regions of the state which can get 500 inches of snow annually. In those instances, steel building dealers will reinforce construction to bear the weight and ensure it adheres to all codes.

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