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Oklahoma Steel Buildings

As one of the country’s fastest-growing economies, Oklahoma is booming – and that growth is driving plenty of steel building construction. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa, ranchers, manufacturing plants, and agricultural businesses are putting up steel buildings to keep pace with business growth. The aviation industry, which accounts for 10% of the state’s industrial output, uses steel buildings for aircraft hangars as well as industrial work space.

Oklahoma steel buildings have to be able to withstand significant wind loads. While no building is going to hold up to the deadly force of the twisters that come through Tornado Alley, working with a qualified steel building vendor is the best way to purchase a structure that can take the day-to-day strain of prairie winds.

While steel buildings are popular for warehouses and hangars, they’re gaining traction in more specialized areas, especially churches. In states like Oklahoma where congregations are large and growing rapidly, a steel building is an inexpensive and quick way to accommodate everyone. With an upgraded facade, steeple, and landscaping, a steel-built church can take on any number of looks, from traditional to modern.

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