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Louisiana Metal Buildings

Home to the busiest shipping port in the Western Hemisphere, Louisiana is a hub for shipping to and from large parts of Middle America. The resulting transportation and logistics businesses that operate in New Orleans and Baton Rouge require huge amounts of storage space – and steel buildings are often the answer.

Louisiana features one of the most tropical climates in the US. Louisiana steel buildings really prove their value in wet, rainy climates: the corrosion-resistant building materials hold up to moisture far better than wood. A steel warehouse helps protect produce, equipment, and other vital supplies from rain and wind.

When putting up a steel building in Louisiana, you’ll have to meet local building codes that dictate how strong a wind load the structure can withstand. Since Louisiana’s costal parishes are subject to frequent severe weather, requirements may be higher here than in other locations. While no building can be expected to stand up to hurricanes that blow in off the Gulf of Mexico, a well-built metal warehouse should be able to handle high winds and rain.

Don’t be tempted to skimp: your new building will have to pass inspection by local officials. Ordering a deeply discounted metal building can wind up as a costly mistake if it doesn’t stand up to local requirements.

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