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Kentucky Steel Buildings

Kentucky steel buildings are becoming prominent throughout the state as businesses look to quick and affordable alternatives to traditional construction. As the #4 automobile assembler in the country, Kentucky dealerships for Toyota, Chevrolet, and Cadillac use steel buildings for sales offices and steel garages to display and protect inventory.

Kentucky also has a strong foothold on national agriculture, ranking #5 in total farms and #1 for the most farms per square mile. With corn, tobacco, and soybeans as its primary contributions, steel pole barns make reliable structures for storing farming equipment and collecting crops.

In addition, steel construction plays a big role in preparing Thoroughbred racing horses for the annual Kentucky Derby. Manufacturers can create wide-open race tracks that don’t require load-bearing retaining columns. And steel-based barns serve as reliable homes for horses. As with any construction, safety is a must for steel buildings. Make sure to find an experienced Kentucky general contractor who knows about fire safety and building to code.

The climate in Kentucky is mostly humid subtropical. It doesn’t reach freezing temperatures and the average rainfall is about 46 inches a year, but the weather changes frequently. Residents need reliable construction that can protect them against the more extreme patches of weather that has impacted the state over the years such as the Ohio River flood in 1937, and the North American blizzard which pelted Kentucky with ice in 2003.

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