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Georgia Steel Buildings

With a large U.S. military presence in Georgia, it’s no wonder you can find Quonset huts throughout the state. These multipurpose structures became popular during World War II because of their easy construction and portability. These days, Quonset huts not only serve our soldiers on airfields, naval bases, and forts, businesses and homes use them to create adequate space for warehouses, storage, and barns.

From Atlanta to Augusta, the textile industry relies on steel buildings to curb energy expenditures since the structures are well insulated and can use economical lighting. With agricultural output of much of the country’s poultry, tobacco, and of course, peaches, Georgia steel buildings provide protective storage for farming equipment and crops.

As the 9th largest state boasting almost 10 million residents, there’s a big movement towards residential steel buildings. Not only is this type of construction affordable, durable, and reliable, you can customize them with many of the features and options of traditional home construction.

Just make sure the manufacturer and general contractor construct your steel building with weather in mind – it should be able to handle the constant pounding of heavy precipitation. In southern areas of the Georgia Piedmont which are subject to snowfall and ice storms, the structures should be reinforced to withstand the harsh environments.

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