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Florida Steel Buildings

Florida’s economy is driven by tourism – 60 million people visit this vacation hotspot annually. With Florida steel buildings, you can develop sturdy and affordable space for event centers, theme parks, shopping centers, and hotels. Steel buildings have several other uses in the aerospace and health care sectors. In particular, Cape Canaveral relies on steel construction for aircraft hangars and to store equipment.

With the fourth highest population in the country, Florida housing could be hard to find. Residential steel buildings are an affordable accompaniment to the housing market, offering attractive, customizable solutions to fit any neighborhood. Florida is also a primary destination for the nation’s retirees and you can use steel buildings to create retirement villages, group homes, or recreational facilities.

Despite needing a lot of energy to power businesses, energy consumption is surprisingly low throughout the state. Well-insulated steel buildings from St. Petersburg to Pembroke Pines help keep that output low. Also, a special coating applied to the exterior helps protect it from constant exposure to the Florida sun.

Residents also must stay aware of potential severe weather – there were four hurricanes that ravaged Florida in 2004 alone. Solid steel construction is built with weatherproof and fire resistant materials to help curb some of those concerns.

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