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Colorado Steel Buildings

Steel construction has become essential to the growing Colorado economy. The Federal government, one of Colorado’s largest employers, uses metal construction at multiple locations such as the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, and of course, the Denver Mint. With 14 airports in the region including Denver International, steel construction is useful for creating hangars and storage facilities. In Colorado’s largest city, Denver, you’ll find steel construction just about everywhere as retail stores, night clubs and bars, and commercial offices.

Colorado is a popular tourist attraction for avid skiers and mountain climbers. Steel buildings serve as suitable visitor lodging, equipment sales locales, and eateries. The strong structures are built with the area’s harsh temperatures in mind – able to withstand pounding blizzards and strong winds while maintaining internal heat. And dealers provide multiple customization options so you can design your buildings with the same look and feel as more time-intensive, costlier permanent construction.

The top agricultural products in Colorado are wheat, corn, dairy, and cattle. It’s also the nation’s largest beer producer with headquarters to some of the top breweries. Steel buildings make reliable manufacturing and testing plants and storage facilities to keep equipment, ingredients, and finished product safe from insect infestation and mold.

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