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Alabama Steel Buildings

One of the fastest growing areas of Alabama’s economy is manufacturing: everything from steel pipe to automotive products. Steel buildings are great for all sizes of manufacturing: smaller companies appreciate how inexpensive they are to set up compared to traditional construction. Larger companies turn to Alabama steel buildings because they’re great for enclosing large production lines.

Severe thunderstorms are a fact of life in Alabama – so make sure you choose a steel building that can take the punishment. First, verify that the dealer you’re working with has their blueprints approved by local and state authorities. Approval indicates that your building will stand up to all but the most extreme weather events.

You should also be sure to get gutters and eaves for your building. Good rain management can help your building last longer and reduce runoff damage to your land.

Of course, when talking about extreme weather events in Alabama, tornadoes are bound to come up. One disadvantage to most steel buildings is that they’re generally built on flat slabs, so they don’t have basements for protection from twisters. Consider building storm cellars to house your employees in case of emergency.

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